o Benefits:

The benefits to the participant in a clinical trial includes the personal contribution to the advancement of medical care as it relates to the discovery of new medications or new uses for existing medications. Additional benefits include free medical care as it relates to the clinical trial which will include exams, labs and medications related to the trial. Additionally, the participant may receive reimbursement for time and travel related cost. The participant’s regular physician will be made aware of the study at the study participant's discretion and the participant will maintain his/her regular relationship with his/her physician and continue to see the physician at regularly scheduled office visits.


o Risks:

As with any clinical trial, being that a new medication is being studied, there is always the risk of side effects or adverse reactions or drug interactions. Participants will be screened carefully and a participant will only enter the trial if it is in her or his best interest. Participants are routinely followed very closely during the trials and safety is always paramount.

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